Hey there, fellow art lovers and curious minds! I’m Judit Orosz, an artist, illustrator, and animated filmmaker proudly representing Hungary. Buckle up as I take you on a personal journey through my artistic evolution, where passion becomes skill, and creativity finds its wings.

This is me

My adventure in the captivating world of animation kicked off at MOME, Budapest, where I earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Those years were a playground for cultivating my skills and setting the stage for the unique style that defines my work today.

What sets my art apart is the ongoing exploration and experimentation with diverse techniques and storytelling elements. I’m all about pushing the boundaries, letting creativity flow, and seeing where it takes me.

Pop-up Love Letter

At the heart of my passion lies the joy of constructing entire universes, each one teeming with intricate details waiting to be discovered. I find magic in immersing myself in the fine points, where every stroke contributes to the narrative I’m weaving.

Currently, I’m a freelance artist operating from my charming home studio – not just a workspace, but my haven of inspiration and innovation. It’s the place where ideas come to life, and the alchemy of creation unfolds.

Through my unique perspective, I breathe life into my creations, infusing them with a vibrancy that resonates across borders. Join me on this artistic escapade, where imagination runs wild, and every piece is an open invitation to explore the vast landscapes of the creative mind.

Let’s celebrate together as I continue to shape worlds and capture hearts with my mesmerizing creations. Welcome to my artistic tale, where passion and creativity converge to paint stories that touch the soul and ignite the imagination.

My tiny home studio